From reading a magazine
To learning with a T.Rex

The first truly awesome chatbot


National Geographic is an iconic publication, but conventional media channels weren’t resonating with a younger audience looking online for engaging content.


Over 70% of children have access to a touch-screen device at home. We knew that creating an entertaining, interactive learning tool wasn’t enough: we needed to find a personality that would bring history to life and make a genuine impression on young minds.


With Tina, we created a chat experience that allows you to have a conversation with a T.Rex. Users can ask her any question that takes their fancy, from ‘What’s your natural habitat’ to ‘Do you like Jurassic Park?’

National Geographic Kids transformed the role it played in its audience’s life, becoming an educational tool that kids actually wanted to engage with, finding its way into schools and making young people laugh along the way.

Talk to Tina the T.Rex
6% uplift in subscriptions
to the magazine
2000% rise in Facebook page visitors