From sitting at home
To being on Safari

Go on your own imaginary safari, all from the comfort of your home


With this experiment we wanted to showcase the versatility of the Google Assistant with a fun, interactive, experience that would appeal to all audiences and inject a little fun into the everyday.


Inspired by the ability to create an Action with an easy handoff experience between voice-activated speakers and the phone, we asked ourselves: “How can we provide a great audio first experience and add to that with visuals?” Most importantly, "How can we make a seamless journey for the user that comes to life across multiple devices?"


The solution? We designed an Action paired with a web app that allowed players to voice or type parts of their favourite animals, then see unique creations come to life right in front of their eyes - capturing all the magic of safari.

Using machine learning, we were able to simply create thousands of unique GIFs and algorithmically generated sounds that make you want to keep creating. You can even switch to your phone to keep exploring on the go.

Talk to Safari Mixer on Google Home
Talk to Safari Mixer on Google Home

Ask: “Hey Google, talk to Safari Mixer”